Matthew, a high school senior enrolled in Erie 1 BOCES Electrical Systems program has won first place at the SkillsUSA State Competition for industrial motor controls.

“Once you know the theory, you can apply it to any motor control regardless of the size,” said Matthew.

Matthew won the state competition by successfully wiring a push-button motor controller to a three-phase motor. This activity is one of many taught in the ELCON Industrial Electricity course.


“Our company needed technicians to learn a great deal and have solid practical skill in a relatively short amount of time to keep their equipment up and running.

“What I learned would have taken years to learn in the field . I have a better understanding than I thought I might ever have especially with our more complex areas of control systems and automation.

“I would recommend this training to any person who needs to obtain a firm understanding of even the most complex areas of electrical controls, systems, and their associated technology.”

Josh, Maintenance Technician

“ far, the best way to spend training dollars on the upgrade of your maintenance workforce.”

Bob, Plant Engineering Mgr

"I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to be comfortable and confident reading and understanding electrical ladder logic as well as PLC Understanding ... for industrial plant operations."

Peter, Maintenance Technician

"The ELCON course is the finest industrial related tech course that I had the opportunity to complete. It is most pertinent to the field of industrial maintenance."

Peter, Maintenance Supervisor



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  • 2017