People who like working with their hands, what is the best teaching method to use to achieve the best results?


For those who enjoy a hands on job, it stands to reason that they would also learn best with a hands on instruction.  Better yet, combining several styles of instruction and the results far exceed anything gained from structured classroom instruction.


  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Web-based instruction
  • Learning Management System records activity, progress and grades
  • Hale Electrical Drill Station Hardware Trainer
  • Student Lab Manual
  • Instructor Answer Key Manual


Add an instructor, or a subject matter expert, to review the trainee's progress,  assure correctness of the lab activities, and overall understanding, and the trainee is ready to leave the classroom and enter the workforce and use all of the skills just learned.  All within a surprisingly short period of time.

A Complete, Affordable Turn Key Training Program

  • Web-based Instruction
    • 24/7 availability
    • trainee learns at their own pace
    • standardized instruction
    • written to be understood
    • topics presented in a logical order
    • hundreds of drawings & graphics throughout lessons
    • test yourself review questions

Hale Course Delivery Overview:

Hale Electrical Maintenance Training

Complete Training Program


Web-based instruction is used to teach Trainees electrical safety, control circuits, troubleshooting, ladder logic, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).   Skills are developed and strengthened as the trainee practices on hardware training units.

This unique curriculum, was developed for electrical and electrical maintenance  people.  Trainees learn what is needed to do the job which explains how they "learn it today and use it tomorrow".

  • Lab Activity Exercises
    • topic-based lab activities follow each lesson
    • activities are completed on Hale Instructional hardware trainers
    • hardware trainers are built to industry standards. Trainees work on some of the same equipment in training as they do on the job
    • detailed Lab Manuals walk trainees through each exercise
    • test yourself review questions at end of each lab activity
    • lab work makes the instruction "real".  This real practice makes it possible for the trainee to use these new skills on the job

Hale Instructional Course:

Electrical Controls Connections & Ladder Logic


Download ELCON Details

ELCON Overview

ELCON Course Outline

ELCON Lab Activity Objectives

Programmable Logic Controllers


Download ELCON Detail Files

PLC Overview

PLC Course Outiline 

PLC Lab Activity Objectives


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