Programmable Logic Controls


Industrial Electricity Course

           This in-depth course provides knowledge and skills on electrical safety and the installation, programming and troubleshooting of PLC hardware and software.

           With this course, the trainee will install, program and troubleshoot PLC hardware and input/output (I/O) circuits.  More than 250 topics are covered and 30 job activities provide hands-on experience using the Hale Automation Trainer.

          Exercises reinforce safety and demonstrate the operation of analog and digital I/O modules, processors, power supplies and programmable logic.

          Online web based lessons allow learning at the individual’s pace and available when it is convenient for the trainee.  Over 850 images illustrate PLC components and operation.

☑ On the Job Training --  Off the Job

☑ Learning is Hands On

☑ Each topic is introduced and immediately put into practice

☑ Learn it Today - Use it Tomorrow


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At the completion of the Programmable Logic Controls course, the trainee will be able to:

  • Explain and follow appropriate safety procedures for working on electrical circuits controlled by a PLC
  • Install, program, and troubleshoot PLC hardware and software
  • Draw and interpret PLC wiring and ladder logic diagrams
  • Connect control components to a PLC and write programs to control their operation
  • Use diagnostics to locate a defective component in a PLC

Lab Exercises (Hands On)

  • Working Safely with Electricity
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic Machine Control
  • Trainer Familiarization
  • Analog I/O Devices
  • Digital I/O Devices
  • ESD Precautions
  • Micro800 PLC Family
  • Micro850 Familiarization
  • Power Supply Calculations
  • Power & Safety Circuits
  • Installing CCW
  • RSLinx Software
  • Introduction to CCW
  • Using Help & Support
  • Creating a CCW Project
  • Digital Input Circuits
  • Analog Input Circuits
  • Digital Output Circuits
  • Analog Output Circuits
  • Computer Number Systems
  • Updating PLC Firmware
  • Processor Operations
  • Ladder Diagram (LD) Editor
  • Motor Control Projects
  • Timer Instructions
  • Counter Instructions
  • Documenting a Project
  • Password Protection



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